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Jolene Huang

HR Director

With 18 years of people experience under her belt, Jolene has been to her fair share of both public and private sector organisations. Despite the many years in what others would call a challenging profession, she firmly believes that people can be an organisation's greatest asset if they are looked after (and the idea of a reciprocal relationship takes place). Her standard answer to the question on the difference in managing the people function in a creative agency, is: "The people function has almost the same elements in every organisation (regardless of industry) but what sets one apart from another is how creativity is used, together with some logic and common sense, to tailor to the needs of the people/organisation".

On the personal front, she has 3 kids (husband included). Until her kids came along and killed that daredevil spirit in her, Jolene used to be an avid outdoor person. Now, she sticks to safer sports like yoga, barre and running. Beyond sports, comes Her love for coffee and bread which inspired her personal dream (25 years in the brewing) of owning a cafe. However, that dream has to wait as looking after people stays as her top priority. Guess she's stuck with building castles in the air for now!