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The city has myriads of thrills and activities for those who love the adrenaline rush. Our invitation message to these action seekers was simple: In the world of adventure, there are no age limits.
Making this film, we featured a unique group of people who truly embodied the spirit of Action Seekers; Curious, determined, optimistic, unstoppable. They may not be the best (yet), but they have the biggest hearts. And the strongest wills. Their passions burn fiercely, always daring to go further, faster, higher. They are our storytellers.
The film allows viewers to live viciously through the kids — no fear of failure, or embarrassment. Only the joy of unadulterated fun. All while showcasing the city that nurtures their passions. Pacey, edgy, and energetic, the film is nothing short of visually stirring and pulse racing moments that mirror what it means to live like an action seeker.

To drum up the campaign, we created a series of branded content that is authentic, light-hearted and playful. Under the platform #TinyTrainers, we invited professional athletes to try out a new sporting endeavor under the tutelage of Singapore’s young sport stars.