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The average millennial wants to work less and retire #likeaboss, but only a quarter have a retirement plan in place. How do we make retirement relevant and close the gap between intent and action?
Most young Singaporean adults are not aware of the importance of retirement planning as they see retirement as something distant.

We had to convince them to start planning for their future before it is too late.

Unlike the conventional insurance approach that always feels a little too pessimistic, a little bit too serious and a bit distant, we decided to have some fun while keeping it relatable to our target audience.

Using a lingo that millennials are familiar with, we turned everyday moments of realising that they’re an adult into subtle reminders to plan for their retirement. That’s #adulting.


2019 GONG - Gold | Film & Branded Content | Best use of Cultural Insights in Film & Branded Content

2019 GONG - Silver | Media | Creative Effectiveness: Media

2019 GONG - Bronze | Media | Best Integrated Media-led Campaign

2019 PMAA Dragons Of Asia - Silver | Best Brand Building and/or Awareness Campaign

2019 SG Effies - Bronze | Product & Services