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Made in collaboration with the National Arts Council and local dance company O School, we brought out a playful side to Singapore that showcased our vibrant arts scene and multicultural diversity.
When one thinks of Singapore, what often comes to mind are icons like Marina Bay Sands and Jewel Changi. But there is a whole other side to Singapore hidden within our vibrant and multicultural neighbourhoods waiting to be discovered.

Our story follows a photographer who stumbles upon a mural which comes to life and thrusts her into a fantastical journey around the streets of Singapore. Made in collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board, the National Arts Council and O School, we wanted to show a playful side to Singapore while also giving local artists who have lost their stage during the pandemic: a bigger one, all of Singapore. Our shops, roads and even walls were not spared.

This film is an invitation for both Singaporeans and international travellers to look beyond the surface and draw in to the rich culture and unique charm of Singapore.