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Live in the books you love
Cafe culture is a big part of Singapore’s lifestyle. That’s why many cafes feature stacks of magazines and books besides serving food. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to reach a young and savvy audience in an unobtrusive manner.

Locals spend hours relaxing in air-conditioned comfort, which is why many cafes don’t just serve up food and refreshments but feature bookshelves stacked with magazines and books too. So we turned Airbnb listings into bookmarks. We then inserted them into travel and storybooks that were most relevant to our listings in the different cafes. “The books they’d like to live in” quickly touched a chord with one of Airbnb’s key demographics.

Selecting the perfect cafes was key to the success of this campaign. We combed Singapore to not only find cafes where our audience hung-out but also offered the kinds of books that they read. We then flipped through hundreds of pages to find a part of the narrative that matched perfectly with our Airbnb listings bookmarks. The more descriptive the passage of text the better, because we knew that in the reader’s mind, they were already there. We also generated huge social engagement by asking consumers to share with us the books that they would like to live in.

From guidebooks to storybooks, the bookmarks campaign has burst into the consciousness of Singaporeans in a completely unexpected way. By bridging key social and recreational activities – the island’s growing cafe culture and Singaporeans love of books and travel – we’ve touched the hearts of travellers looking for new adventures. The campaign has continued to build momentum and is driving social chatter online. Prompted by our listings bookmarks, Singaporeans are clicking on Airbnb and booking the homes they’d like to live in. So they can then experience the life they’ve just read about. It was the perfect media placement for our audience.

List of Awards Won

2015 Spikes Asia Silver | Design: Visual Language & Graphics, Promotional Items

2015 Gong Show Bronze | Direct, Direct Response/Ambient Silver | Media, Use of Outdoor/Ambient Bronze | Outdoor, Bars & Restaurant