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Limited to a 3mx3m booth space in the world's largest tourism trade fair, we were challenged to make our city stand out. How? By packing the entire country into a suitcase and shipping it to them.
Explore the City of Possibilities —an entire country, all within an arm’s reach.

Harnessing the world of tactile and technology, we built an interactive, sculptural installation based on a creative geographical interpretation of Singapore.

Hop around with the avatar, hang out with locals, chill on the beach, catch a concert, marvel at the Supertrees or wander through the aquarium; our mixed-media content pieces bring you into the heart of the city.

Originally designed for Berlin, City of Possibilities has since travelled to major cities around the world.


Spikes Asia 2019 | Silver | Digital - Spatial Tech

Spikes Asia 2019 | Silver | Digital Craft - Overall Functional Design

Spikes Asia 2019 | Bronze | Digital - Tangible Tech

Spikes Asia 2019 | Bronze | Digital - Travel/ Leisure

Spikes Asia 2019 | Bronze | Experience Design: Multi-platform