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To uphold the tradition of new outfits for the new year, we gave Singaporeans a new outfit without the need to buy one.
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Singapore in January 2021, Chinese New Year celebrations and family gatherings were immediately ceased. For the first time ever, Singaporeans could not hold reunion dinners, visit their relatives, or celebrate with their friends. However, while many cultural traditions were preserved in one way or another, the ceasing of in person gatherings made Singaporeans give up one of the most symbolic traditions – the long-standing practice of buying multiple new outfits to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Weeks before Chinese New Year, we launched DIY CNY – a set of clip-on Chinese New Year accessories that one could use to turn any old outfit new. For just a small fee, each set came with three different types of accessories so families could transform multiple outfits for their different zoom reunions.

DIY CNY was well received by the local community who not only bought our accessories but took to social media flaunt their newest outfit. As the campaign progressed, our accessories also surprisingly grew in popularity within the pet community as owners used DIY CNY to create matching outfits with their pets.