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Travel insurance is the last thing that people want to care about – in fact, our research showed that people even go out of their way to avoid watching insurance ads as they find them stressful.
Therein lies our greatest challenge - how do we create insurance ads that people care about and want to watch? Not just once, but again and again?

While the Chinese New Year holiday is a peak travel season in Singapore, it is also the only time of the year where popular Chinese television series and films from the 90s are replayed on mainstream TV. As outdated as these shows are, they are a staple form of entertainment that Singaporeans of all ages look forward to during the season. Families gather to watch the shows together as they tap on nostalgia and gets them reminiscing about the good old days in the 90s.
This insight led us to our strategy - What if we could turn Chinese TV shows from the nineties into insurance ads?
There was no question which 90s television series icon we would tap into - a trusted voice of authority, known to all. A man. A hero. A legend. Justice Bao.
Based on a real character in Chinese history, Justice Bao is a household name in Singapore due to his long- running television series in the 90s.
After securing rights to the original show footage, we completely re-imagined the iconic courtroom scenes of the drama, working with renown local comedians to re-dub the dialogue in Singlish – a beloved slang used amongst locals, creating a series of three short videos. Each video comically depicted travelers complaining to Justice Bao about the different mishaps that they had experienced, followed by Justice Bao questioning them on their complacency in failing to protect themselves with travel insurance with the hit colloquial phrase "You think, I thought, who confirm?".


2018 Markies - Gold | Best Idea - Viral

2018 AME Awards - Silver | Products & Services: Government/ Politics

2018 AME Awards - Bronze | Use Of Medium: Social Video

2018 Smarties MMA - Silver | APAC - Mobile Video

2018 Smarties MMA - Bronze | APAC - Brand Awareness

2018 Smarties MMA - Bronze | APAC - Mobile Social

2017 Gong - Silver | Online/ Viral Film

2017 Gong - Silver | Direct Response/ Digital