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How could MICHELIN engage petrol-heads? By demonstrating that they really understand them, because MICHELIN shares their passion for performance.
Every other tyre brand talks to petrol-heads in the same, clichéd, language. Action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled campaigns, often riding on the back of the brand’s affiliation with one motorsport or another, claiming to bring technologies honed on the race-track to your road car. It’s exciting, loud and heart-pumping… but after a while it all begins to feel very familiar.

But boasting about success, or bombarding consumers with tyre-screeching, rubber burning montages would simply mean MICHELIN was talking at petrol-heads. Instead, we chose to start conversations with them.

To ignite the passion in with our target audience, we wanted to change the conversation from adrenaline and burning rubber, to real, human emotion. We wanted to remind petrol-heads that MICHELIN is just as inspired and excited by the unique feeling of pushing a car to the limits as they are, by sharing stories of genuine passion for the drive.


MARKies Awards 2017 - Gold | Best Idea - Male Audience

Loyalty and Engagement Awards 2017 - Bronze | Best Engagement Strategy for a Male Audience