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We wanted to shed light on what makes this nation great. Its people. To show that Singapore is much more than the sum of its tourist attraction. It's the sum of the passion of its people.
"This is where" is an ode to Singapore as a nation of possibilities. It is an anthem to showcase that beneath the glossy exterior, beneath the bright city lights, there is something else that burns brightly. Passion. It is the passion of every Singaporean who calls the city-state home. By taking the focus away from the landmarks and tourist attractions, and letting Singaporeans tell the Singapore story, the film gives viewers a different perspective to this island.

Featuring real people, and not actors, the film invites viewers to participate in the passions that Singaporeans wake up for every morning. Whether it be indoor skydiving, Teochew opera, backstreet artistry or art in museums, hawker food or Michelin-starred meals, mixology or music, Singapore is the land that has given its inhabitants endless possibilities and now invites the world to come share these passions, for a day, a week, or a decade.


2018 Gong - Bronze | Best Launch/Relaunch (Integrated)

2018 Gong - Bronze | Best Use of Influencer (Integrated)

2018 Gong - Bronze | Best Integrated Brand Experience & Activation-led campaign (Integrated)

2018 Gong - Bronze | Best Use of Integrated Film & Branded Content-led Campaign (Integrated)

2017 Gong - Gold | TV & Cinema - 60sec.

2017 Gong - Gold | Online\ Viral Film - 2 min.

2017 Gong - Gold | Direction

2017 Gong - Gold | Cinematography

2017 Gong - Gold | Use Of Original Music

2017 Gong - Silver | Script

2017 Gong - Silver | Casting

2017 Gong - Silver | Production Design\ Art Direction

2017 Gong - Silver | Editing

2017 Gong - Silver | Sound Design

This film takes viewers on a journey through all the possibilities that surround food in Singapore. The people who are passionate about food, the alleys and nooks and corners where food is found. This film is meant to induce hunger and satiate it with the visuals in the same breath.

If you have a passion for new tastes and smells, here’s where the foodies – connoisseurs, gourmands, bakers, chefs, mixologists, chocolatiers, tastemakers – meet.
Going where no camera has gone before, this film showcases all the never-before-seen and the rarely-heard-of places in Singapore. It is a peaceful and slow visual catalogue of authentic Singaporean spaces to be discovered. It is meant to peak curiosity and raise eyebrows with all the spaces and places, and people who inhabit those places within Singapore.

If you have a passion for traversing new terrain and discovering new places, here’s where the explorers – nature lovers, history buffs, backpackers, city trippers, trekkers, discoverers, sightseers – meet.
Not confined to any particular style or label, this film depicts and follows the tribe of collectors as they are – conformists and rebels, trend-setters and followers. United by a passion for colours, cuts and cult pieces, this film is a colourful rendition of the lives the Collectors live and the places they draw inspiration from.

If you have a passion for what’s in vogue and one of a kind, here’s where the collectors – stylemeisters, sneakerheads, designers, fashionistas, trendsetters – meet.