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Without global trade, there's all sorts of wonderful things we'd miss.
The campaign uses an animated film to explain a complex issue in a relatable and human way allowing audiences anywhere to understand the power of global trade.
This animated stop motion film tells a charming story of two villages that accidentally chance upon each other’s egg and rice trade, and by default, discover the celebrated and much-loved egg fried rice dish.
We created and produced the film with renowned stop motion animation director Mark Waring who is behind Wes Anderson’s Oscar-nominated films “Isle of Dogs” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.
To create this film with stunning effect, all characters were sculpted, moulded and handmade along with handcrafted models and detailed sets which were built from scratch.
The film’s primary message is about Standard Chartered’s beliefs that the world is a better place when we exchange what we have. At the same time it also reinforces the Bank’s commitment to driving global trade for over 160 years across a distinctive network throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East, even in these uncertain times.
The film supports Standard Chartered’s global brand platform and brand promise ‘Here for good’, ensuring that the Bank can be a force for good by promoting economic activity that makes a positive impact in the world.