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“A Symphony of Flowers” encapsulates Singapore Airlines’ world-class flying experience through sound.
More than just a mnemonic device, the creation of Singapore Airlines’ sonic brand sought to reflect how the business was transforming to engage travellers across every touchpoint of their journey beyond the plane.

We devised a way to quite literally make the Batik Motif flowers sing. We built a world-first innovation in sonic branding – a digital instrument that extracted and pieced together melodic fragments based on the flowers of the Batik Motif. Using each flower's size, colours, visual complexity and frequency, we derived 14 melodies programmed into the instrument that can be used by composers.

We produced a symphony using the digital instrument and translated the melodies into music that sounded more human. The new symphonic music was then performed and recorded by a world-class orchestra.

With a sonic brand experience now interwoven throughout a traveller’s journey, customers get to hear a distinctive symphony extracted from the flowers of the Batik Motif, capturing their unique colours and shapes, that evokes the same feeling of welcome and warmth they’d get from the brand in the air.