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How a plant pot protects homes by driving mosquitoes out of theirs
By bringing tradition and technology together, Manulife Singapore has created the world's first plant pot that stops deadly mosquitoes from breeding in homes.

Manulife Singapore wants to make homes safer for everyone.

Stagnant water in plant pots is one of the top breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases such as dengue and zika. The Life Saving Pot is the first plant pot in the world that stops disease-carrying mosquitoes from breeding in homes.

Traditional plant pots are highly valued in Singapore, so we worked with a ceramic artist to create Ming-style plant pots using mosquito-repellent paint. But on closer look, the paintings reveal a hidden story: trees and flowers are actually made up of knocked-out mosquitoes.

Life Saving Pots were given to families in Singapore, and were made available online. Thanks to the overwhelming response, Manulife Singapore is now looking into bringing the Life Saving Pot to other Southeast Asian countries.