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Let Uncle Choo take you where Google maps can’t go.
Traditional tours are struggling to get attention from tourists, who're used to modern conveniences like Google Maps and Uber. Yet these tours are often the most interesting, because guides know Singapore’s best-kept secrets by heart.

To promote traditional tours, we created Trishaw 360, a 4D VR experience at travel trade shows, that put visitors on a virtual “trishaw ride”. The installation consisted of a real trishaw and a VR headset that came together in a 360 experience.

Viewers could choose between two stories, covering different experiences in Singapore. The storyteller, a charming trishaw "uncle", uncovered hidden places you can't find on Google Maps, proving that tradition can take you much further.

Stories were brought to life through 4D effects like scents, mist, spatial sounds and vibrations, which allowed visitors to get a tactile and sensorial feel of authentic Singapore. For example, when travelling over a pebble stone path, real vibrations were produced under the seat. When a boy squirted a water pistol at you, mist could be felt. And at a bird park, the smell of grass was emitted.

When Trishaw 360 first launched at Tourism Industry Conference 2017, it was a hit, with Uncle Choo (the trishaw rider) proving to be a real charmer. It was well-received by visitors, who found the traditional trishaw experience and stories entertaining and eye-opening. Trishaw 360 showed that to promote tradition, it sometimes takes an intelligent use of technology.


2017 Gong - Silver | Promo & Activation