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An unexpected tourism campaign for Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Airlines
Unexpected Journeys is a 3-part travel series about discovering some of the most interesting yet misunderstood places on earth. Watch what happens when Rishi, a curious traveller, flies from Singapore to Dull, Boring and Bland – actual towns in Scotland, the US, and Australia. Then see how the journeys unfold when he flies back home with his new-found friends.
The campaign urges you to forget what you've read, or heard about these places. In fact, forget everything you know about flying, too. Leave your assumptions behind. And follow Rishi as he criss-crosses continents to bust myths and uncover the unexpected – on land, and at 30,000 feet.


2019 Los Angeles Film Award | Best Picture & Best TV Series

2019 New York Movie Awards | Best Web & TV Series

Anything But Dull:

Determined to prove everyone wrong, Rishi flies across continents to show the world why Dull, a place in Scotland, isn’t as lifeless as its name suggests. See how strangers end up in a wrestling ring, on the other side of the world, in Singapore.
Anything But Boring:

If you travel far enough, you’ll eventually meet yourself. That’s what Rishi discovered. He flies across the globe and finds a comedian, like himself, in the most unlikely place – a town in the US named Boring.
Anything But Bland:

Rishi embarks on a journey to find out if Bland, an actual place in Australia, is really bland. He meets an unusual family and gets more than he bargained for. And that includes becoming a father of four kids overnight.