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Standard Chartered Bank wanted to launch its new credit card. But unlike other reward programmes, this card had no complex rules and restrictions. Just unlimited cashback on all spends.
So we showed how earning cashback can be fun and easy. Just like a game of pinball. We needed to speak to hardworking people living in Singapore who are time-poor and always on the lookout for an easy, yet rewarding, solution when it comes to their mode of payment. Most of these people in Singapore hold several credit cards and choose which to use based on the benefits they get. However, the complex limitations and terms of cashback cards make it hard for them to actually get the rewards they seek. Anchored on this, our campaign’s core launch strategy was simple: getting a good cashback deal from your credit card should be easy and enjoyable.

The creative expression for the campaign idea evolves around Unlimited Joy - with unlimited cashback on your travel, dining and shopping spends, there are endless ways you can add fun and excitement to your life.

We created an animated pinball machine where it shows the pinball zipping past tropical islands and down shopping streets, the ball racked up cashback on everything it hit. The entire machine also sprang to life with dolphins leaping and flames flaring to the rollicking beat. All that fun paid off with results and sign-ups rocketing beyond their targets.

We used a combination of digital, print and outdoor to reach the mass in Singapore and communicate the unique selling point of unlimited cashback (with no cap and no minimum spend restrictions). Throughout the first 3 months of the launch, the campaign rolled out across the Straits Times, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, out-of-home displays (MRT Displays, Taxis and travellator displays) and roadshow activations islandwide.