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The goal was to educate key opinion leaders and prompt them to visit a wish-list featuring unique Airbnb homes.
The awareness level of Airbnb in China was extremely low; thus, we needed to introduce Airbnb to Chinese journalists in a unique and engaging way. Airbnb had handpicked 50 journalists from travel and lifestyle publications in China with the purpose of sending a special DM to these key opinion leaders who knew little or nothing about the brand. The goal was to use the press mailer to illustrate the wonder and awe of traveling with Airbnb as well as to educate these journalists on what Airbnb is about and drive them to visit a link with a curated selection of Airbnb properties. The piece had to reflect the authenticity of the brand, in a way as unique as the experience of travelling with Airbnb.

We decided to tell the story from the beginning, transporting the recipients to the first Airbnb home rented out by its founders. Based on original photos of the first Airbnb apartment, we handcrafted a replica of its layout and interiors and brought the first Airbnb home to these journalists. True to the brand's emphasis on authenticity and attention to detail, we created the entire living room with organic materials of multiple textures. After some tests, all the miniature furniture was folded and glued by hand inside each box.

Together with the client, we selected various properties in popular outbound destinations for Chinese travelers to produce a customized projector and wheel; thereby, creating the world’s smallest screening room. Each of the 50 mini projectors had their focus manually adjusted and were securely attached to arrive to their destination in place.


2015 Creative Circle Award - Silver | Art Direction / Design for Direct Craft