Art Takes Over You

National Arts Council



Organised by National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore Art Week (SAW) is the one time of the year where visual arts is celebrated across the country.

Held week-long, SAW’s aim is to bring the arts closer to the people through exhibitions, tours and workshops spanning from the city districts to the heartlands of Singapore. The objective of the campaign is to increase SAW’s attendance and ultimately create more interest and appreciation around Singapore’s art scene.

To bring our idea of art takes over you to life, we designed a series of colourful, expressive and dream-like characters that embody a range of emotions. The fluidity of the character design reflects the intangible nature of our emotions and invites people to freely feel what they want to feel at SAW. The eyes are always looking upwards as if they’re absorbing an artwork, prompting our audience to wonder, “What are they looking at?”  

The illustrative design is versatile, which allowed SAW to take over the people through billboards, subway ads, bus wraps, pins, stickers and even paper fans.  


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